About Us

The Rotary Clubs of Clinton County are service clubs comprised of professional men and women from the area's local businesses. We volunteer our time and resources to serve the needs of others through projects in Lock Haven, Mill Hall, Renovo, the surrounding communities, and the world. We meet weekly to network and learn about businesses and other needs in our community.

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Why Join?

We join Rotary for fun, friendship and networking. In addition we participate in projects enhancing our community with a focus on youth and family. Rotarians work with local business and professional leaders to help improve the quality of life in our community. We encourage education continuance, leadership development, business/professional integrity, and worldwide community assistance.

Member Responsibilities

Each member is expected to attend regular weekly meetings with a minimum of 50% quarterly that include meetings and projects. A member can attend and make up a meeting at any Rotary Club in the world, including online. Each member is required to pay annual dues and is expected to support Club activities and projects.

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